The Whittlesea Agricultural Society is considered one of the oldest and continuous Agricultural Societies in Victoria. The Society is responsible for the Famous “Whittlesea Show” which has been crowned “Victoria’s Premier Regional Agricultural Show. The Whittlesea Agricultural Society is a dedicated band of volunteers who work throughout the year to put on the Show.

The mother of Agricultural Societies, the Port Phillip Farmers’ Society was founded in 1848, consisting of the parent body (later the National Agricultural Society) and finally the Royal Agricultural Society and three branches – Mornington, Bacchus Marsh and Gisborne.

In 1856, the Mornington Farmers’ Society was formed and the Society’s first Show was held at Cranbourne in 1857.  Two years later Mornington, Bacchus Marsh and Gisborne held Shows and it was during 1859 that the Whittlesea Agricultural Society had its beginnings on a site near the Whittlesea Railway Station.  Here the Whittlesea Fair was held on Tuesday 3rd May, 1859.  There were 40 members, who subscribed approximately 1 pound each.

Through lack of interest and support from the branches, the Port Phillip Farmers’ Society disbanded, the last Show being in 1867, and all the Show’s assets were handed over to Trustees for the new National Agricultural Society in 1870.  The Mornington Farmers’ Society continued to progress.  Eventually in 1918, the Society became known as the Berwick and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society.

The Whittlesea Show began as a fair in 1859 and has grown to become one of the best Shows in Victoria and is a signature event in the Whittlesea Community Calendar with large crowds flocking to the Show each year.  The Whittlesea Show brings the best of country life and enables people of all ages to share and recognise the history and heritage of the Whittlesea Farming Community and the Whittlesea Agricultural Society.

From this snippet of history it can be seen that the Whittlesea Agricultural Society in its own right has the proud distinction of being one of the oldest functioning Agricultural Societies in Victoria.

It has since become one of the best Shows in Victoria. It is a signature event in the VAS Ltd and Whittlesea community calendar. It attracts over 50,000 people in a weekend.

The Agricultural Society holds its an annual Show on the first weekend in November each year.  A very active committee is behind this successful event which by reputation conducts the largest two day Agricultural Show in Victoria.  We believe our show is successful because we concentrate on an agricultural based family show, our reputation is widespread and many of our competitors and patrons travel from all areas of Victoria and often from Interstate to attend or participate.

With heaps of free activities and entertainment, there’s nothing like the value of the Whittlesea Show.    Come along and enjoy the traditional Agricultural Show where a visit to the Animal Nursery is a must.

Also at the Show you will find Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Showjumping, Alpaca Display, Woodchop, Vintage Display, and enjoy the fantastic Arts, Crafts, Photography and Education Sections.  On the main arena you will be treated to the Bilby Boot Throw, Baker’s Delight Waiters Race, Fun Dog Show.

There is also the Rural Ambassador Awards, Show Girl Competition and loads of FREE Attractions and Entertainment around the grounds.

The Whittlesea Township is an ideal location for an Agricultural Show just 50 minutes by car from the Melbourne CBD.  The positioning of the picturesque showgrounds at the top of a major growth corridor in Melbourne’s north allows for growth and provides opportunities to bring the Country and Agriculture to the City.  The benefits of such an event as the Whittlesea Show are enormous for local business and community members.

We have fourth and fifth generation members of the founding families still actively involved in conducting the Annual Show, either as Office Bearers, Members, Superintendents and Stewards or as Volunteers.