At the 2017 Whittlesea Show we embrace the theme ‘Food Comes From Farms’.

Think about the last food you ate. What was it? Where did it come from? How did it get to you? Do you know where any of your foods come from or how they get to you?

Come along to our Show and find this all out.

We cannot live without food and because we obtain our food from farms, we depend on farming for our everyday needs.

Farming, or agriculture as it is sometimes called, began around 10,000 years ago. As people started to grow crops and keep animals, they could depend on the food they grew themselves and also make a little extra to supply people who did not grow their own food. Today, most people (in the city and country) rely on farmers to grow and supply their food. In fact, farming is the source of nearly all of our food and many of our raw materials.

In Australia, around 98 percent of the fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, milk and eggs sold in supermarkets are produced by Australian farmers. Australia exports about half of what is produced, but this only equates to about one percent of the global food supply.


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