There are so many free, fun activities all included in your Show ticket for an unforgettable experience with friends and family at the 2017 Whittlesea Show!

Check the daily schedule for the full list of all activities.


1.     Pat animals in the Animal Nursery

2.     Watch the chips fly in the Woodchopping competitions

3.     Ride the Stage Coach and pretend you have stepped back in time

4.     Watch as the real stars of the Show including the biggest bulls compete for blue ribbon glory

5.     Watch a cow being milked

6.     Watch the Showjumpers on the main arena compete for a most sought-after title

7.     Create your own art piece in the Kids Business tent

8.     Look at the amazing written and art work from the local and surrounding school students

9.     Sample the artesian delights in the Food Expo

10.  Watch the Grand Parade and be amazed at all the winners parading around

11.  Take a selfie in the Farm & Garden Pavilion

12.  Admire the blooms and creativity in Horticulture

13.  View the spectacular display of colour in Homecrafts

14.  See the artistic talents in the Art Pavilion

15.  Enjoy a variety of culinary delights from Food Expo

16.  Be entertained by the roving entertainers

17.  See posters and identify the different cuts of meat.

18.  See the wide variety and colours of the different Cattle breed.

19.  Watch the Children’s led classes.

20.  Feel the wool and learn about the shearing process.

21.  Watch Stud sheep being judged.

22.  Check out the local and surrounds photographic talents in the Photography Pavilion

23.  Participate in children’s activities and take a seed home to grow in the Farm & Garden Pavilion

24.  Have a look at different grasses and their seeds.

25.  Admire a range of different sized eggs.

26.  Be inspired to grow your own produce.

27.  Join in the egg & spoon race, horseshoe throw or the bread waiters race on the main arena

28.  Watch a blacksmith working

29.  Operate a water pump

30.  See hay made into bales

31.  Push a button and see how an engine works

32.  See a marvellous LEGO display

33.  Watch a sheep get shorn

34.  Look and listen to old engines running

35.  Turn a handle and see how spark plugs work.

36.  See lots of old tractors.

37.  See how farm things work

38.  Watch a windmill pump water

39.  Look at some old cars trucks and tractors

40.  See a sheep shorn the old fashion way

  1. See the history of the Police pursuit cars through time
  2. Watch as a craftsman turns a block of ice into a work of art.
  3. See the chainsaw master turn a tree into a sculpture
  4. See the motocross riders of tomorrow roar around the arena
  5. See how the SES will save your life from a car accident as they cut open a car
  6. Learn how to protect yourself from fire
  7. Have a free game of tennis, basketball at the YMCA
  8. Learn how to turn water blue
  9. Feed a Goat at the Animal Nursery.
  10. Sing along with Captain Koala and Friends at the Oaks Stage
  11. Meet Pockets the Clown and get a free sausage dog balloon
  12. Come and talk to Plenty Valley FM’s radio announcers as they broadcast live from the show.
  13. See and talk to the builders of miniature model aeroplanes and Helicopters which fly by Remote control.
  14. Be fascinated as our sketch artist draws caricatures of Show visitors
  15. From a by gone era, see old fashioned hunters on Horseback as they demonstrate the art of hunting with the hounds the old-fashioned way.
  16. Take a chance and compete in the Bilby boot throwing contest
  17. See the power of the horse equivalent to the tractor – the draught horse
  18. Kids – have fun with your drawing skills at the young people’s entertainment area near the Education display

59.  Free craft for kids. Make anything you can imagine using wood sticks, pipe cleaners, glue, paper, beads, wool, buttons, googly eyes.

60.  Try your hand at felting with demonstrations running throughout the show.

61.  Watch the Woodworkers create items out of wood

62.  Have a lolly pop decorated

63.  See the young boys demonstrate fly fishing lure making

  1. Visit the Information Van at the front gate for a Show Balloon
  2. Free tastings in the Food Expo
  3. Visit Eroni’s Circus for a performance not to be missed.
  4. Get eaten by a dinosaur
  5. See local school bands performing on stage
  6. Listen to a great Country & Western Band
  7. Feed farm animals